Jewellery Business Management and Merchandising

Jewellery Merchandising

Are you a Jeweller or do you want to start your business in Jewellery Industry?
Well to brief you, this On-demand course is all about Jewellery business, where you get to learn about the different aspects of jewelry business including product planning, sourcing, stock management, understanding customers buying behavior, complaint
management, billing process, Consumption pattern of jewellery, identifying different gemstones, jewelry manufacturing techniques and styles, branding, marketing , visual merchandising and much more.

The Learners will get an overview of different sectors of jewelry management and techniques to manage a Jewelry brand as a owner & Merchandiser.

Let’s Have a look at the topics Covered:-

Module1. Introduction to Merchandising

-Retail Merchandising
– 4P’s of Merchandising
– Planning- Sourcing
– Conceptualizing
– Product Development
– Quality Control

Module 2. Trends and Forecast

– Understanding Latest & Upcoming Jewellery Trends
– Market Analysis
-Understanding Buying Behavior
-Understanding Jewellery market consumption

Module 3. Understanding Jewellery Market

-State wise
-Occasion Based Jewellery
-Jewellery Anatomy

Module 4. Diamonds

– Mineralogy & Mining
– Crystallography
– Tools used for Diamond Grading
– 4C’s of Diamond

– Proportions
– Fluorescence
– Difference Between Real & Fake Certificate
– Plotting
– Diamonds and its Stimulant

Module 5. Gemology

– Mineralogy
– Crystallography
– Gemstones and their Origin
– Classification of Gemstones
– Groups, Variety & Species
– Phenomena in Gemstones
– Instruments
– Navratnas & its Significance

Module 6. Metals

– Gold Mining
– Classification and Types
– Determining Gold Purity
– Gold & its Alloy
– Costing and Conversions-Metal & Jewelry Piece
– Understanding making charges and Reverse Calculation
– Hallmarking

Module 7. Business Operations

-Advance Stock Management
-Order Processing

Module 8. Sales and Customer Dealing

-How to Sell
-Customer Engagement

Module 9. Customer Management and Retention

-Complaint Management

Module 10. Introduction to Branding

– Brand & Branding-Importance and Difference
– Essential Branding Elements-Visual & Non-Visual.

Module 11. Marketing & Promotions

– E-commerce
– Offline Marketing
– Digital Marketing

Module12. Introduction to Visual Merchandising

– VM Techniques
– Elements of VM
– Store Layout
– Success Factors of VM
– Display Props
– Packaging & Label

Module13. Team Management

-Work Ethics
-Employee retention
– Team Growth

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Total Duration - 37 hours